High-Tech Modular Exhibits

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10' x 20' inline exhibit

10' x 30' inline exhibit

10' x 20' inline exhibit

10' x 10' inline exhibit

10' x 10' inline exhibit

10' x 10' inline exhibit

10' x 30' inline exhibit

10' x 20' inline exhibit

10' x 20' inline exhibit

20' x 20' island exhibit

10' x 10' inline exhibit

Rent-Ex Professionals Provide all the Expertise You Need for a Successful Trade Show

PRO-EX 100, 200 (200 shown here)

The Pro-Ex 100, 200 demands attention. This high visual impact rental exhibit features a maximum graphic image display area that is accented by a contemporary truss system. The Pro-Ex serves both 10'x10' (100) and 10'x20' (200) booth needs with a lightweight easily assembled structure. It comes with matching podium, attachable literature holder and two or more work surfaces.

SHOW-EX 300, 600, 900 (300 shown here)

Show-Ex is a graphics "show"case. If pictures are worth a thousand words, then Show-Ex speaks volumes. This dynamic background becomes the focal point of a 10'x30' (300) and can adapt to a 20'x30' (600) or 30'x30' (900) with panels that can be double-sided for added impact and reconfigured to create a-mazing looks.


Simpl-Ex is the simple solution for your 20-ft. inline exhibit needs. This lightweight, easily assembled exhibit offers dynamic graphic possibilities with generous backwall square footage. The projecting header allows for your company name or brand to be out in front, with an attachable podium and convenient surfaces that attach to the upright aluminum columns. Built-in down lighting accents the backwall images with an optional video monitor that beckons for attention…also available to rent.

AIR-EX 100

Air-Ex exemplifies creativity with its high-tech design. This 10 ft. (100) backwall exhibit is light-weight, easily assembled and provides ample space for a dynamic graphic while making a statement on its own. The curved header provides lighting while the aluminum structure conveniently allows for attachments of podiums, video monitors and mini-utility shelves. A lockable reception counter is collapsible and optional.


The Cord-Ex is a graphics solution proving a picture is worth 1000 words. By design it gives you more square footage of graphic space in 10 feet than a straight back wall. As the viewer walks past your booth the image unfolds before their eyes. Cord-Ex is a light-weight, aluminum-frame structure, easy and economical to transport and assemble. Sometimes the answer you are looking for is simplicity.

SOL-EX 100

The Sol-Ex combines graphics impact with a custom mounting surface for displaying products, parts or accessories. The lighting header illuminates the entire backwall, supported by lightweight aluminum posts with attachable mini-shelves. The backwall is also suitable for a video monitor attachment. A lockable storage podium is available for matching graphics or branding.


Curv-Ex is an inline 10'x30' exhibit offering the sleek curves of European design. These hard-wall curves are punctuated every 10 feet by straight panels providing ample space for graphics, branding or marketing messages. Curv-Ex is quickly assembled and complemented by down-light headers and matching podium or work surface.

SUSS-EX 100, 200 (200 shown here)

The Suss-Ex personifies a traditional tradeshow backwall, because people like tradition. It's also lightweight, easily assembled and multi-functional. The header frames hold branding and messaging, while the walls are velcro-compatible to hold graphics. One side features shelves and both sides provide ample counter space with lockable storage underneath. The matching podiums break down into convenient carrying cases.

TYM-EX 200

Tym-Ex is an exhibit backwall design with a European flair, featuring two concave pillars of light that accent the side graphic panels. The light-weight aluminum structure provides a surface for attaching a sleek podium/work station as well as a video monitor. An optional matching reception counter is also available that provides an optional video monitor stand.


Circ-Ex 400 provides a unique open-concept-in-the-round, creating an exhibit environment that centers attention on the curved backwall and radiates outward with one-on-one presentation work stations supported by optional video monitors. Subtle, elegant pendant lights add ambiance and create a subliminal sales perimeter that defines your space.


Refl-Ex 100 features a serpentine backwall with ample space for dynamic graphic images. There are two headers for branding or marketing slogans. This lightweight aluminum structure is easily assembled and includes a back counter with lockable storage. The vertical aluminum posts allow for mounting an optional video monitor.